Aspark Owl Review

by AatoMobil

Aspark Owl Introduction:

An electric hypercar that churns out a whopping 2000 hp and is really fast. Powered by four motors, the Aspark Owl is one of the best hypercars in the market. Aspark started as a Japanese engineering company, and this electric car is what brought them on the EV roadmap. Over the years it has grown to a 3000 employee-based company expanding to 25 offices worldwide. The development and production center for this EV is located at Turin in Italy.

Aspark Owl Design:

Aerodynamic by every angle, the design incorporated is very sleek. It stands at less than a meter tall. The car features a concave bonnet, with its wheel arches bulging out. The cockpit is centrally mounted on the chassis with four bulges of the wheel arches surrounding it. The car features gull-wing doors, and the sill runs from wheel to wheel.


Being a hypercar, performance is a chief criterion. The car comes with 4 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. It has a combined output of 1480 kW. The car has a meaty torque of 2000 Nm. This allows the car to launch real quick and has a claimed top speed of 400 km/h. The car does a 0-100 km/h sprint in 1.9 seconds. At full throttle, the car reaches 300 km/h in 10.6 seconds which is blisteringly quick.

Battery and Range:

The EV comes with a 64 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The company claims a range of 450 km. With an 800 V architecture, the car gets charged at 44 kW.


With only 50 production-spec models on sale, the car comes with a two and a half million Euro price tag. This then makes it a car that the rich folks would probably buy.

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