Electric vehicles in high demand, one in eleven cars sold in Europe were fully electric

by AatoMobil

2021 saw a rapid soar in the sale of electric cars sold in Europe. It was also the first time wherein non-plugin hybrid cars have sold more than diesel in the continent. Data suggests that around 880,000 units of electric vehicles were sold in 2021 alone. Also, electric cars sold in Europe turned out to be more than plug-in hybrids.

Last year alone, around 1,901,239 self-charging hybrid cars were registered in Europe. This was significantly more than 2020 when 1.1 million such models were registered. 2021 also witnessed a slump in the registration of diesel-powered cars, around 1,901,191 such models were registered which was lower than 2.77 million units sold in the previous year. Ever since the 2015 Dieselgate scandal, diesel cars have recorded a continuous dip in registrations.

One primary reason for the rampant increase in sales of plug-in hybrids, and electric-powered cars were due to the new government subsidies. Many manufacturers see plug-in hybrids as a transitionary concept to electrics. Nonetheless, IC engines continue to be the preferred choice amongst customers. 2021 saw a 63.1% increase in sales of electric vehicles and a 70.7% increase in plug-in hybrids. Petrol, however still remains the most consumed fuel type, but sales figures have dwindled post-2020.

In 2020 petrol-powered cars constituted 48% of overall sales, but that number reduced to 40% in 2021. 2021 recorded 878,500 electric vehicles, and 867,100 plug-in hybrids being sold. To date, the lack of proper EV infrastructure is causing the electric models to be less efficient than fossil-fueled models. 2020 saw approximately 1 million plug-ins, and battery-powered vehicles sold with an even split in numbers.

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