Electric vehicle owners are experiencing camping in a “noise-free” manner

by AatoMobil

When campers head out in the wilderness, they are often greeted by bird chirps, animal sounds, and the usual sound of car engines. But with the induction of electric vehicles, campers are experiencing camping in a “silent” manner. News is that there are many electric trucks and SUV launches in the pipeline, and with the increasing adoption of EVs, camping can now be enjoyed without the rumbling of your car’s engine. 

Although the number of campers who currently own an electric vehicle is quite low, there is an effort being made to enhance the overall camping infrastructure to meet the needs of EV owners. There is also an added advantage when it comes to towing camping trailers. They are capable of towing at low or high speeds without the hardship of changing gears. The only thing worrying about electric cars while camping is the anxiety over range. This is especially a cause of concern when you are traveling while towing. The time and accessibility to charging remain a concern that has to be overcome to see an electric future. 


There is also a challenge of aerodynamics in windy conditions, it seems to be difficult to cut through the wind if there is resistance which ultimately will have an impact on the driving range. While traversing through freeways, an aerodynamic trailer will be easier on the driving range. There is also a concern over charging, as finding charging units can be a challenge on the road or at the campsite. Plugging into regular outlets, to charge your EV is not ideal for safe charging. 

There has to be an effort to install more EV chargers as campsites may have old or non-functional infrastructure that cannot support current EVs. The infrastructure should also be able to cope with campers towing a trailer attached to their electric vehicle. On a positive note, EVs do come with hefty batteries, and powering the campsites with personal equipment is an added blessing besides the obvious reduction in noise levels. 

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