Tesla owner in Finland blows up his 2012 Model S after getting annoyed by hefty battery replacement fee

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Tesla owner in Finland blows his 2012 Model S

Tuomas Katainen of Finland used explosives to blow up his 2012 Tesla Model S. After realizing that his car’s battery failed he got irked by knowing he had to shell out $22,000 in repairs. To this Tesla owner in Finland called up the local Youtuber Pommijakat and rigged his Tesla with explosives to burn it to ashes.

The Tesla owner in Finland burnt an effigy of Elon Musk as a protest to the expensive battery replacement bill. This is not the first time someone irked by the hefty battery replacement charge has reacted in an unusual manner. Tesla and Musk have been a target of many complaints about high-maintenance charges of their vehicles.

Unhappy Tesla owners

There have been instances when Tesla owners chose to use services of an independent garage. One such case was from the United States, where the owner after hearing that the battery replacement would cost him $22,500 opted to get it replaced by an independent garage. This proved beneficial as the battery was replaced for a substantially lower cost of $5,000.

Tesla does provide a battery warranty when the battery capacity drops below 70% within 150,000 miles or eight years after purchase. That being said, older Tesla owners are facing a very high repair bill as they tend to lose power and drop down on the range.

Tesla’s roadmap

Tesla cars are considered to be an ecological alternative to IC-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. Tesla and Musk have been credited for turning EVs mainstream and making it a viable and sustainable alternative. Given the fact that Tesla has provided a strong footstep to make the electric ecosystem a reality, numerous safety concerns especially in regards to autonomous driving features and battery usage have been the chief cause of concern. Also, the pertaining EV infrastructure is not allowing electric cars to be as efficient as petrol-powered cars.

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