Volvo to be 100% electric by 2030

by AatoMobil

Volvo future plan

Come 2030 and the Swedish carmaker Volvo confirmed plans of selling only electric vehicles. According to the plan, all the models in the current lineup of naturally aspirated vehicles will be phased out, which will include hybrid vehicles as well. The company is also heavily investing in promoting the online market space, to simplify the selling process. Volvo officials believe that the IC engine concept will get obsolete in the near future and are relying on its electrification program to meet future challenges. The company realizes there is a growing demand for electric vehicles and is eagerly trying to capture markets like China which happens to be one of the biggest markets.

There is increasing pressure by governments across the world and carmakers are making every effort to capitalize on the EV segment. By 2030, the UK will forcibly ban all new cars and vans that are powered by petrol or diesel.

Industry Trends

Car manufacturers have certainly realized that going electric is the only way to save the planet. Volvo’s push for online retail means that customers would be able to order cars as per their interests. This does not mean that Volvo has intentions of nullifying retail through brick and mortar dealerships.

When it comes to incorporating new technologies, Volvo has denied having an active role in developing hydrogen fuel celled vehicles. This is primarily because Volvo does not feel there will be a strong demand for hydrogen fuel celled vehicles. Also the unanswered question of the availability of hydrogen in comparison to charging points for electric vehicles.

Volvo also stated that it wishes to have half of its sales numbers through electric vehicles alone. But for now, the merger could be only to share components to develop electric vehicles. The parts will then be used to develop electric cars for both firms.

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