Audi Grandsphere to be revealed at Munich Motor show

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Audi Grandsphere Intro:

Many have coined the term “private jet for the road” for the soon-to-be-launched Audi Grandsphere. Audi Grandsphere is an all-electric and highly autonomous successor to the A8 luxury sedan. Audi Grandsphere will preview the production version of the A8 which is due in 2024. The Grandsphere gets a PPE platform that will be developed in partnership with Porsche. It is said to do a 0-100 in about 4 seconds.

The launch will be after the unveiling of the Skysphere concept. Soon to follow is the Urbansphere concept which will again be a pinnacle for autonomous driving. After going on sale in 2025, the Grandsphere will replace the A8 to claim the top spot in Audi’s saloon car lineup.

Audi Grandsphere Interior:

Built to provide a “lounge-style environment” this autonomous vehicle can operate without any human input. Futuristic in every angle, even the steering wheel and pedals retract into the bulkhead, and the rear doors open backward. In order to improve cabin space and airiness, the car does not get a B-pillar. Passengers will get “individually staged displays and ambient lighting”. The climate control and seats are automatically adjustable as per the occupant’s preference.

Even the infotainment system is programmed to resume content that was playing on the occupant’s portable devices before entering the vehicle. The side-screen can display any unfinished news articles on entry, and the passenger’s screen will resume any unfinished videos.

Being autonomous, the front seats are designed for extreme comfort, and they can be folded back by 6o degrees. Even the rear is equally lavish, and one can find a sofa-style bench with a central armrest. Being a luxury-oriented concept, the air is filtered, and the temperature is controlled and scented. Each passenger will get a set of speakers which will be inaudible to the other passenger. Between the front seats will be a cooler with two glasses, and a specially designed drinks bottle.

Projections throughout the interior show relevant data and displays to each passenger, and a sensor bar underneath the main front display allows for instant switching between tabs. A rotary-styled MMI touch button can be used by the driver to cycle through menus. Eye movements and gesture control can be used for the same functions in fully autonomous mode.

Audi Grandsphere Exterior:

Dimensionally the car will be 5,350 mm long, 2,000 mm wide, and will have a wheelbase of 3,190 mm. This means it is longer than the LWB Audi A8. Audi officials hinted it will be more of a 4-door GT car rather than a typical saloon. The car will have a sleek silhouette and looks as though it is straight out of a wind tunnel. It gets a long bonnet, and the rear is heavily streamlined to enhance aerodynamic efficiency. It is unlikely though that the production-spec will feature the 23-inch wheels as on the concept.

Aud Grandsphere Powertrain:

The concept uses a PPE platform and is co-developed with Porsche. The PPE will also underpin the Q6 E-Tron and the Macan EV next year. The Grandsphere will get a 120 kWh battery potent to churn out a range of 750 Km. It will also feature a twin-motor four-wheel-drive powertrain and can produce 711 hp. It can do a 0-100 sprint in 4 seconds but has a governed top-speed to preserve energy.

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