Kia upcoming EV codenamed “CV” will be one amongst seven electric vehicles under its ‘Plan S’ strategy

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Kia EV

Kia has made clear-cut indications of a strong map planned for its future. The carmaker has amazed one and all by announcing its plans to widen up its electric vehicle portfolio. Kia will focus on launching a fleet of electric vehicles. Kia confirmed that the first product of that fleet codenamed CV will most likely make its debut in Q1 2021.


The car will feature HDA2 (Highway Driving Assist Level 2) technology. All-electric vehicles from its stable will feature Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) level 3 autonomous driving tech. From earlier teasers, we have already got glimpses that the “CV” will carry a crossover silhouette. The automaker confirmed that the car will have a 500 km range, with a charging time of fewer than 20 minutes.

Kia CV

The electric vehicle codenamed “CV” will mark its debut by 2027. All these cars will feature Hyundai’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). These electric vehicles will feature expanded applications of Audio Video Navigation Telematics (AVNT). It will also feature Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, and Feature on Demand (FoD) services. There are four other EVs based that will make their debut around the same time period.

Upcoming Kia EV

There is also a new Purpose-Built Vehicles (PBV’s) that will cater to corporate customers. It will be based on ‘flexible skateboard platforms’. The new model could be a micro-autonomous pod, small individual urban transporter, a mid-size commuter, or a large logistical vehicle.

The company has set multiple milestones which include – EV’s, HEV’s, PHEVs. Kia expects that these products will account for 40% of all sales. Kia plans to have an annual sales target of 1.6 million units. As of its Indian ventures, it is unlikely to see any of its EVs anytime soon.

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