America’s most successful pickup goes electric – Ford F-150 Lightning

by AatoMobil

Ford’s F-series of trucks have been a long-time favorite in the US auto market. The F series of trucks emerged to be the leader in the US market in terms of sales. The introduction of the Ford F-150 Lightning gives electric car enthusiasts a very interesting and viable option. The good news is that the battery-powered avatar of America’s best-selling vehicle is also high on performance.

When it comes to pickup trucks – towing capacity, and range are crucial ingredients to shape its success. We are already aware that the F-150 Lightning has an electric motor on each axle, so AWD comes as standard. This will give the pickup more traction to quickly launch after starting. On the negative comes the weight, at 6500 pounds it is 1000 pounds more than the Ford F-150 EcoBoost.

The car churns out a healthy 426 hp, and a meaty torque of 775 lb-ft. In comparison to Ford’s Raptor, the F-150 Lightning is only 24 hp lesser. It makes up an additional torque of 265 lb-ft over the Raptor. The F-150 Lightning has lightning-quick 0-60 time of under 5 seconds.

The Ford F-150 Lightning does make use of the mighty torque that all electrics have on offer. Since there is no transmission as such, the pickup does not lose time on gear shifts. The F-150 Lightning is not just quick off the line but is capable to keep accelerating at higher speeds. All this speed with the whining sound of the motor makes for a very interesting prospect. The production of the Ford F-150 Lightning will commence in mid-2022, and we can expect deliveries sometime later in 2022.

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