BMW i3 Review:

by AatoMobil

The outlandish BMW i3 electric was one of the early entrants in BMW’s lineup of pure electrics. Range has always been a critical feature that the BMW i3 electric lacked in. Some of its competitors like the Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai Kona, have larger batteries and offer more range. On the upside, the car houses a far superior cabin in comparison to its rivals. BMW is on the verge of introducing its i4 sedan and iX SUV in the market. The 2021 BMW i3 gets LED headlamps as standard.

BMW i3 Performance:

The i3 has a one-speed direct-drive transmission. It pulls hard and fast along the straights. The i3 does a 0-60 in near 6.6 seconds. The acceleration is immediate and the drive is zippy. The drive like its interior feels premium. There is minimal noise and hardly any vibrations. The suspension does a good job of soaking most undulations. The lightweight and size make it a very able city car.

BMW i3 Range and Battery:

The car only has a 153-mile range. The car houses a 42.2 kWh battery pack and comes with the optional gasoline-fueled range-extending generator. The generator fires once the charge in the car falls below the 5% mark.


The intricately designed cabin is welcoming, but the lack of back seat space can be bothersome. The utility of the i3 matches that of a traditional hatchback. The doors at the rear open in the opposite direction allowing for easy ingress and egress. There is also sufficient space for cargo as the seats can be tumbled down at the rear.


The BMW i3 comes with an iDrive 6 infotainment interface. Apple Carplay integration is standard. Android Auto is given a miss. The car only features a single USB charging point at the front center console.


The i3 gets available automated emergency braking. It also gets forward-collision warning and adaptive cruise control.


The BMW i3 starts from $45,445 and gets a range extender which tops at $52,495.

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