Bentley invests heavily to bring in 5 EV’s by 2030

by AatoMobil

British carmaker Bentley has created headlines as it has plans to feature 5 new Bentley EV in its portfolio. Bentley first announced its electrification strategy in November 2020. Bentley had earlier announced its plans to go fully electric and become a carbon-neutral brand by 2030.

Sources suggest that the upcoming Bentley EV will be based on shared Volkswagen architecture. The expected range in the EVs is estimated to be above 450 km. Bentley also announced plans to introduce five-more plug-in hybrids of Bentayga, and the Flying Spur. Bentley is also working on its current line of plug-in hybrids. Alongside the  Bentley Bentayga and Bentley Flying Spur plug-in hybrids, the automaker will launch five more hybrid derivatives of those two models, all of which will be V6-powered.

Bently would love to extend its luxury to crucial details like charging time and charging away from home. But, with the rapid advancements in battery technology, the British marquee is confident that it could execute its electrification strategy. Bentley officials also hinted that the first batch of its production-spec variants will use the new battery technology, and the newer models will come with added technology as time progresses.

The initial production of these EV’s will mainly happen in its plant in Crewe. Later, there are plants of shifting base to Hanover, but the design and research will mainly take place at Crewe. Bentley also aims to reduce water consumption, one of many eco-friendly initiatives to happen at the new Bently facility. Bentley has already turned out as a carbon-neutral production facility.

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