BMW set to discontinue the i3 hatch due to poor sales

by AatoMobil

The production of the BMW i3 which was BMW’s first electric model which first debuted way back in 2013 is about to shut down. The BMW i3 boasted a healthy range of 160 km on a single charge. The last batch of i3’s is expected to roll out in July 2022. The model already phased out of the US market on account of diminishing sales. The i3 was a big hit in the European market, but the model witnessed low sales post-pandemic.

Before launching any successor to the phased-out i3, BMW confirmed they would first analyze the current fleet of electrics, and only then go ahead with further plans. Officials confirmed that they now understand the electric needs to cater to both urban dynamics, and also serve the purpose of a lifestyle alternative. Keeping that in mind BMW officials will keenly observe the sales of its MINI Electric, and BMW iX1.

The i3 was the first concept from the Bavarian auto-maker that could supposedly run as a sustainable mobility option. The electric motor in the i3 EV churned a maximum power output of 170 hp, and it had a meaty torque of 250 Nm. It came in only a single-speed transmission and was rear-wheel driven.

Due to its low center of gravity, the battery units were centrally placed. The current crop of i-models includes- iX, iX M60, i4, and iX3. Recently BMW launched the iX for an asking price of INR 1.16 crores. The iX gets a much better range of 425 km on a single charge.

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