Electronic giant Sony tests its prototype one year after unveiling the concept

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Electronic giant Sony unveils the Vision S

We have seen electronic giants entering the automobile industry. Japanese electronic giant Sony made sure that it savors this opportunity by unveiling its Vision-S earlier last year. Electric vehicles are emerging as something more than just an alternative energy source. Sony hooking onto this very concept has intentions of developing and testing its newest EV in the public. Sony first gave glimpses of developing an electric car when it first showcased the Vision-S electric car concept. In a video showcased by the tech-giant, the Vision-S was seen being tested in Austria. The prototype moved to Tokyo in July 2020 for advancing its sensing and audio technologies.

Vision S

Sony was able to send shockwaves when it first showcased its prototype. The reason behind the precise perfection was because Sony managed to make crucial tie-ups with Magna Steyr. Powering the car was a set of two 268-hp motors that when combined can produce a total of 536 hp. It was able to propel the car from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds. It has a claimed top speed of 150 mph. Other specs like battery capacity, range, and approximate costs still remain a mystery.

It looked very comfortable and well designed on the inside. It hosted a wraparound touch-screen and the quality was top-notch. The car also had a suite of sensors and a semi-autonomous driver-assist system. It certainly is not the first case of a tech giant entering into the automobile arena. We have cases of Mitsubishi and Honda who make other relevant electric items. Also Subaru whose parent company caters to offering both small and large scale appliances.

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