Road tax and registration fee exempted for electric vehicles in Telangana from today

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The policy will provide a special power tariff category for electric vehicle charging stations. Telangana transport’s principal secretary Mr. Sunil Sharma issued the order.

Telangana State receives new order

100 percent road tax and registration fee exemption would be given for the first two lakh electric two-wheelers, first 20,000 electric 3-wheelers, first 10,000 electric light goods carriers including 3-wheelers (goods carriers), first 5,000 private cars, and 5,000 electric four-wheelers (commercial passenger vehicles like cabs and tourist taxis). 100 percent exemption on road tax and registration fee would be given for the first 500 electric buses, electric tractors.

Telangana tax exemption

The tax exemption was first announced on October 29 last year. The transport principal secretary stated that the offer was being provided under Telangana electric vehicles and energy storage policy. He also confirmed that the policy is applicable only for vehicles purchased and registered within Telangana state.

State transport minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar said the policy is initiated to reduce automobile pollution. He appealed to the private entrepreneurs and green energy producers to use the incentives being given by the state government. The policy is expected to be in force by 2030. The government will look to provide a helping hand to the private sector for establishing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It calls for setting up charging stations at every 50 km on national and state highways within the state. It encourages existing residential townships with 1,000 plus families to develop charging station lots.

Vehicle charging stations are also going to get a special tariff. The Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation will establish public charging stations directly or under the licensee/franchise/PPP model. Public places such as airports, railway/metro stations, parking lots, bus depots, markets, petrol stations, malls, and electric poles shall be examined.

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